Our refund policy

Our refund policy is simple .You are entitled to return products and cancel the order within 20 working days (the sooner the better), and once we have received your parcel your account will be refunded for the full purchase price of the goods. Should you need replacement yarn urgently please telephone or email us first to tell us what you need, we can send out a new order to you but you will be charged and the initial order will not be refunded until its return. If you order a replacement (for example you have changed your mind about colour) then the postage costs will not be refunded. However, if goods are returned because of a manufacturing quality issue, or we have sent you something other than that which you ordered, please contact us as soon as possible at shop@colourway.co.uk or use the Contact Us button to tell us about the problem with the goods and we will advise on what your next step should be. In such cases your postal costs will be refunded. All goods returned simply because for some reason you have changed your mind should be returned in saleable condition, with the ball bands intact to ensure your refund.