All Rowan Yarns

Prices in red include VAT at 20% (UK and European Countries only)
Alpaca Soft DK

Alpaca Soft DK£6.95   £5.56

Price ex. VAT £4.63 (non EU only)
Baby Merino Silk DK

Baby Merino Silk DK£6.25   £5.00

Price ex.VAT £4.17 (non EU)

Brushed Fleece

Brushed Fleece£7.90   £6.32

Price ex.VAT £5.27 (non EU)

Cashmere Tweed

Cashmere Tweed£7.50   £6.00

Price ex.VAT £5.00 (non EU)

Cocoon£9.95   £7.96

Price ex.VAT £6.63 (non-EU)

Cotton Cashmere NEW S/S 2018

Cotton Cashmere NEW S/S 2018£8.75   £7.00

Price ex.VAT 5.83 (non EU)

Cotton Glace

Cotton Glace£5.50   £4.40

Price ex.VAT £3.67 (non-EU)

Creative Linen

Creative Linen£8.95   £7.16

Price ex.VAT £5.97 (non-EU)

Felted Tweed Aran

Felted Tweed Aran£7.25   £5.80

Price ex.VAT £4.83 (non-EU)

Felted Tweed DK

Felted Tweed DK£7.60   £6.08

Price ex.VAT £5.07 (non-EU)

Fine Lace

Fine Lace£8.25   £6.60

Price excluding VAT £5.50 (non-EU)

Handknit DK Cotton

Handknit DK Cotton£4.75   £3.80

Price ex.VAT £3.17 (non-EU)

Hemp Tweed DK

Hemp Tweed DK£4.75   £3.80

Price ex.VAT £3.17 (non-EU)

Kid Classic

Kid Classic£7.25   £5.80

Price ex.VAT £4.83 (non-EU)

Kidsilk Haze

Kidsilk Haze£8.95   £7.16

Price ex.VAT £5.97 (non-EU)

Original Denim

Original Denim£4.25   £3.40

Price ex.VAT £2.83 (non-EU)

Pure Wool Superwash DK

Pure Wool Superwash DK£4.50   £3.60

Price ex.VAT £3.00 (non-EU)

Pure Wool Worsted

Pure Wool Worsted£8.50   £6.80

Price ex.VAT £5.67 (non-EU)

Rowan Alpaca Merino DK

Rowan Alpaca Merino DK£6.50   £5.20

Price ex.VAT £4.33 (non EU)

Rowan Big wool

Rowan Big wool£9.75   £7.80

Price ex.VAT £6.50 (non EU)

Rowan Selects Finest

Rowan Selects Finest£14.50   £11.60

4 beautiful shades of grey in this luxury limited edition cashmere blend from Rowan. E=mail to ask for details of FREE design book to accompany this yarn.

 Price ex. VAT £9.28 (non-EU countries only)


Rowan SoftYak DK

Rowan SoftYak DK£7.60   £6.08

Price ex.VAT £5.07 (non-EU)

Rowan Summerlite 4 Ply

Rowan Summerlite 4 Ply£3.95   £3.16

Price ex.VAT £2.63 (non-EU)

Rowan Summerlite DK

Rowan Summerlite DK£4.50   £3.60

Price ex.VAT £3.00 (non-EU)

Rowan Super Fine Merino 4-ply

Rowan Super Fine Merino 4-ply£5.75   £4.60

Price ex. VAT £3.83 (non EU)
Rowan Valley Tweed

Rowan Valley Tweed£8.95   £7.16

Price ex.  VAT £5.97 (non-EU only)