Tricks of the Trade

Simple One Row Buttonhole


With thanks to Montse Stanley whose Handknitters Bible has been the bible in the Colourway shop for many years.


This is a strong neat buttonhole which works well in most knitted fabrics. It has a firm inelastic edge so be sure to cast off enough stitches to make sure your button will fit (why not work one  when you work your tension swatch so you can check with the buttons you intend to use?)

  1.       Work to buttonhole position.
  2.       Slip 1 purlwise with yarn in front.
  3.       Yarn to back and leave it there  for the next three steps.
  4.       Slip 1 purlwise , pass previous stitch over as in a basic cast-off. 
  5.       Repeat for as many stitches as you need for the width of your buttonhole.
  6.       Slip last cast-off  stitch back to left needle. Turn work.
  7.       Yarn to back of work.
  8.       Cable cast-on all buttonhole stitches*.
  9.       Cable cast on another stitch but bring yarn to front before placing the stitch on left needle.
  10.       Turn work then slip 1 stitch knitwise and pass the extra cast-on stitch over it.

* Cable Cast-on method. This common method is demonstrated in the you tube video below as well as many other sources. It creates a firm edge which is relatively inelastic and very neat.



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