Free Pattern - Sasha by Marie Wallin

Free Pattern 3

Sasha by Marie Wallin

      We are blessed in this digital age with access to massive design archives of knitwear patterns from the major yarn manufacturers, and we often recommend the pattern library on because it is perfect as a source of free and paid for patterns when you only need one and don't want to buy a whole book for one design!

      This Autumn's free pattern is a gorgeous quick knit sweater from Marie Wallin, shown for a man but equally suitable for women, in Big Wool, which for me is the ultimate winter sweater yarn, soft, light and in a gorgeous range of colours. If you like the design but want something more subtle try two shades of grey or any other colour where you can access two shades which are fairly close to each other. The stronger the contrast, particularly against festive scarlet or green, the stronger the Christmas Sweater feeling, so the choice of mood is yours.

Big Wool Colour Range

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  • big-wool-Z058000-00001-sh_0.jpg
  • big-wool-Z058000-00007-sh_0.jpg
  • big-wool-Z058000-00008-sh_0.jpg
  • big-wool-Z058000-00021-sh_0.jpg
  • big-wool-Z058000-00025-sh_0.jpg
  • big-wool-Z058000-00026-sh_0.jpg
  • big-wool-Z058000-00043-sh_0.jpg
  • big-wool-Z058000-00048-sh_0.jpg
  • big-wool-Z058000-00052-sh_1.jpg
  • big-wool-Z058000-00054-sh_0.jpg
  • big-wool-Z058000-00056-sh_0.jpg
  • big-wool-Z058000-00061-sh_1.jpg
  • big-wool-Z058000-00063-sh_0.jpg
  • big-wool-Z058000-00064-sh_1.jpg



      Just click directly on the sweater picture to be taken to the pattern download page on the Knitrowan website,  where you will find all the information you need.


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