Free Pattern 1 - Child's basic summer/inter-season sweater

Colourway Free Pattern

Basic  Children's Sweater

An easily adapted sweater pattern perfect for cross-season dressing and

English summers.


      Every beginner needs a supply of patterns which always look good, are easy to knit and simple to adapt and customise for fit and originality. Here we show two simple children's sweaters with rolled hems and easy but decorative fully fashioned shaping. Both are worked from the pattern above left, but the striped version shows one of the simplest adaptations.

      There are many more however. A contrast colour edging is a great way to use up leftover yarn, a motif or simple fair-isle band would be a cinch, (check the internet or your knitting magazines for suitable designs, there are hundreds of free graphed motifs and borders out there). For the wild and wacky child each piece could be knitted in a contrast shade, or try randomly sized stripes to use up some of your stash. A patch pocket to carry a favourite small stuffed toy could be great, or crochet flowers scattered across a garment for a little princess. There are probably thousands of variations.

      The Handknit Cotton DK yarn knits to a pretty standard DK tension so you could easily substitute a wool or wool blend like Alpaca Soft DK to create something more suited to colder weather. And of course, if you have any questions, just email or telephone us at or 01994 241333 (9.30 to 5.30 Mon-Fri, 9.30-5.00 Saturday).



Colourway Basics


Children's summer sweater.


To fit approx.: 6 months: 1 year: 2-3 years: 4-5 years

Actual measurement : 56 cm (22"):62 cm (24.5"):70 cm (27.5"):78 cm (31")

Length : 26.5 cm (10.5"):30.5 cm (12"):35.5 cm (14"):40.5 cm (16")

Materials: 4:4:5:6 balls of Rowan Handknit cotton

1 pair each 3.75 mm and 4 mm knitting pins

This sweater is generously sized and designed to be easily

shortened/lengthened. If you are not certain which size will be best for your

child, select a sweater which has the fit you desire, measure it for length and

chest and compare to the sizing figures to find the closest match.


With 4mm pins,cast on 56:62:70:78 sts..Work 36:46:56:68 rows in stocking stitch

( K on RS,p on WS)

Use a contrasting thread to mark ends of last row worked to denote armhole depth.

Continue until a total of 70:82:96:110 rows worked,ending with a WS row

Shape back neck: Next row: K 14:16:19:22 sts,k.2 tog.,k.2,turn, P 1 row

K 13:15:18:21 sts,k.2 tog.,k.2,turn, P 1 row.

Cast off remaining 16:18:21:24 sts.

Hold centre 20:22:24:26 sts.

Rejoin yarn to next group of sts -

Next row: K.2,k.2 tog through back of stitches,k to end of row,turn,p 1 row.

Repeat last 2 rows.Cast off


Work as back till 54:66:80:94 rows have been worked,marking armholes as for


Shape front neck:

K 19:21:24:27 sts,k.2 tog,k.2.

Continue decreasing as set (with one less stitch before the decrease each

decrease row ) on the next following 6 alternate rows ( so on rows 1,3,5,7,9,11 and

13 of the neck shaping ),then 7 rows straight.

Cast off.

Hold centre 10:12:14:16 sts,

Repeat shaping other side decreasing the stitch at the beginning of the k rows

instead of the end, as for the back neck. ( i.e k.2,k.2 tog through back of stitches,

to end).


Join right shoulder,then with 3.75 mm pins,pick up 18 sts down side of neck,

followed by the stitches held for centre front neck,18 up the side of the neck, 4

down back neck,t hen the stitches across centre back neck and 4 up the other side

of back neck = 74:78:82:86 stitches.Work 7 rows in stocking stitch, cast off (not too

tightly).Join left shoulder and neckband seam.


With 4 mm pins,pick up and knit 53:57:61:65 stitches along armhole edge between

markers as follows:-

Pick up 2 sts, miss 1 row, pick up 2 sts, miss 1 row, pick up 3 sts, miss 1 row - i.e. 7

sts from every 10 rows.

Starting with a purl row,work 43:53:61:69 rows,decreasing fully fashioned as for

neck ( k.2,k.2 tog at beginning of rows,k.2 tog through backs of stitches,k.2 at ends

of rows ) on every 4th:6th:6th:6th row = 33:41:41:43 sts.

Cast off. Join side and sleeve seams and darn in any ends.





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