Casting On

Casting On


      Welcome to the culmination of a very busy month for Colourway, with not a second to spare from creating the newsletter with its new magazine style format, the launch of the new website, and contacting all of our mailing list to ask them if they wanted to opt-in or out of continuing to receive our mails. Easy perhaps for large companies but with owner Teresa having a yarn store to run, our technical bod having another full time job, and me having senior moments getting to grips with all of the new software involved, life can get complicated. Oh and did I mention, we have started our sale?????



       Sale. Deciding against the 'flash sale' trend we have decided to throw our lot in with the 'slow' movement, (slow food being the prime example) whereby the sale will last until we have made enough room on our shelves for the autumn/winter season stock which arrives July/August. Everything will be half RRP, so effectively cost price, We are starting with Debbie Bliss yarns which we will be selling as 'bundles' of the same dye lot and a few books which are now out of print but still gorgeous and highly desirable.As we sell products they will be replaced with others, including some lovely yarns from suppliers other than Rowan and DB which we have been trialling with our shop customers, so whenever you pop-in it might be worth a look. We hope this style of sale suits you, it may be a bit leisurely but it has the simple reassurance of missing a bus but knowing that there will be another one coming soon, if you get my drift.


           purls before wine is a new venture for us, one of many as I've said. Basically it is a way of involving those of you who have stayed with us in the many and varied conversations we have in the shop, Teresa, Tony and I, plus various customers, with the occasional input from Bodie and Cynthia the rescue dog and cat who like to get their paws in too occasionally.

      Each month will have regular features like free patterns that Teresa has created for the shop displays, book reviews, useful tricks of the trade, and a look at knitting/crochet culture in other parts of the world. We want to make it very much your magazine as well however so please do not hesitate to send us your knitting memories (we're kicking off with some of mine this month), ideas, designs (original please), favourite blogs, jokes, pinterest boards, facebook group info... basically anything you feel you would like to share with our friends around the world as well as at home.

      Any contribution used will receive a surprise gift in the month it is published (or used, in the case of a great idea for a segment of the newsletter) and we will acknowledge all contributions to If you put 'Purls' in the subject line it will help me not to lose it down the back of the computer equivalent of a radiator.

So, use your back arrow to return to the main newsletter and enjoy, All suggestions welcome!!

Maggie Tarason - Editor




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