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Kidsilk Haze Stripe Feather and Fan Scarf/Stole


Scarf approximately 35cm x 225 cm ( 35" x 81" )

For a stole, add 18 or 36 sts which gives about 6.5 or 13 cms extra width,and a little less length

( Note: pattern repeat is 18 sts, you can use this pattern for throws/blankets etc by adding multiples of 18 sts up to the required width, using a yarn and needle size appropriate for the item, a large blanket is probably best knitted in a  4-ply or DK yarn but a sofa throw could go thicker - you could also knit a thicker scarf using a 4-ply or DK but too chunky a yarn won't allow sufficient pattern repeats for the design to be effective )


Materials: 2 balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe ( if you want to knit a plain version,you will want 4 balls of Kidsilk Haze )

                   1 pair 4mm knitting pins


Cast on 100 sts ( or as required - this allows 5 selvedge sts each side so just add or subtract multiples of 18 sts and a few less/extra for a narrower or wider selvedge ) - keep the cast on fairly loose as the edge will scallop.


Work 10 rows garter stitch ( knit every row )


Work pattern as follows:


Row 1: Knit


Row 2: Knit 5 sts,purl to last 5 sts,knit 5 sts


Row 3: Knit 5 sts,k. 2 tog x 3, * (yarn over,k.1 ) x 6,k.2 tog x 6; repeat from * to last 17 sts,

( yarn over, k.1 ) x 6, k.2 tog. x 3, knit 5 sts


Row 4: Knit


Repeat these 4 rows to end,working the last 10 rows in garter stitch.


Cast off loosely to allow for edges to scallop.

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